VIZIO E400i-B2 Review

VIZIO E400i-B2 ReviewEven cheaper than some other high-end models, the Vizio E400i-B2 is an outstanding smart TV that has all of the features you need to get the most out of your viewing experience. With full access to Internet and some of the most popular video streaming apps, the E400i-B2 offers enhanced connectivity that crosses the border of non-smart TVs. Although a bit chunky, the design of this HDTV is streamlined and quite elegant, which makes it just perfect for customers who care about appearance. With even more zones of LED backlighting, this Vizio smart TV produces images of an amazing quality, with good light uniformity all across the screen.

The in-depth review below will show you both the strengths and weakness of the E400i-B2 by Vizio.

Features and Specifications

• 40-inch screen
• 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution
• 120Hz refresh rate
• Vizio Internet Apps Plus
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• Inputs: 3 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 Ethernet, 1 tuner, 1 composite, 1 component
• 2 x 10W speakers
• Energy Star qualified (power consumption of 43.48W)


Despite being a smart TV, the Vizio E400i-B2 still has many notable features that enhance its performance. The full-array LED backlighting offers better whites and deeper blacks as compared to previous versions of the E series. Thanks to the full-array LE backlighting, this HDTV offers great color uniformity across the entire image, hence making contrasts appear nicer, and details – much clearer. At a refresh rate of 120Hz, the E400i-B2 by Vizio performs extremely well when it comes to watching fast-speed action movies, playing games, or streaming online videos.

Another strong point of this smart TV is the good audio, which seems to be much better than other models of the E series. Audio volume is pronounced, and can get plenty loud if you want to make your viewing experience more immersive – or, alternatively, if you want your game’s GFX sound effects to be louder.


With an impressive screen of 40 inches, the Vizio E400i-B2 is the perfect choice if you want to watch your favorite movies or play your favorite games at particularly large and clear resolutions. However, you will need to calibrate the image before you can actually enjoy this TV’s amazing picture quality. We recommend that you set the contrast to 90 and brightness to 45 for a solid middle ground that allows you to get the most out of the product’s performance. However, blacks might sometimes appear duller, whilst whites might be too bright, so you’ll want to avoid movies, videos or games with very bold contrasts.

The refresh rate of 120Hz makes the E400i-B2 by Vizio is perfect for watching fast-speed action movies, as there is no motion blur that will impact your viewing experience. Frames transition from one another in a speedy fashion, allowing pictures to flow and deliver the most outstanding performance. What’s most important, this Vizio smart TV offers you access to Vizio Internet Apps Plus, so you can always connect to Netflix, Hulu and other video streaming apps for a superior experience. You can stream videos, watch your favorite movies, and even navigate on social media networks as long as you connect the TV to your laptop or computer via one of the HDMI ports.

The built-in Wi-Fi is a huge plus if you don’t have a broadband connection, or if it runs much too slowly for you to access the apps. Moreover, the E400i-B2 also has two speakers of 10W each, which provide good sound quality and outstanding volume performance. With a sleek design and slim bezel, this smart TV is possibly the best of its kind in this price range – and also one of the most energy efficient since it’s also Energy Star certified.

Final Thoughts

With a convenient price value of $349.99, the Vizio E400i-B2 might seem expensive, but given that it has a lot of features you can enjoy, you should have no problem investing that much. The product ships with a wall mount that permits you to conveniently place the TV anywhere in your room for the best angle and viewing experience. Consider reading more Vizio E400i-B2 reviews to get a better idea of what to expect, and whether this TV is suitable for your particular needs.