TomTom Runner 1RR0.001.09 Review


TomTom Runner 1RR0.001.09 Review

Evaluate your fitness levels with this TomTom Runner 1RR0.001.09 GPS watch, which measures speed, calories burned and more for comprehensive information and allows you to compete against past performances to enhance training.Click to See Price

TomTom Runner 1RR0.001.09 Specs

  • TomTom Runner GPS Watch
  • Owner’s manual

TomTom Runner 1RR0.001.09 Features

Enable you to select a goal that matches your training goals, so you can adjust your intensity level accordingly.

Real-time running information
Offers status updates at a glance.

Countdown/stopwatch function
Lets you easily time your performances.

Low-battery detection
Displays a blinking battery when charging is needed.

Past performance comparison
Allows you to compete against previous workouts.

Helps you manage your busy schedule.

As well as speed, pace, distance traveled, calories burned and elapsed time to provide a comprehensive overview of your workout performance.

Backlit display
Offers a clear view of information.

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