TomTom Runner 1RR0.001.01 Review


TomTom Runner 1RR0.001.01 Review

STrack your running workouts with this TomTom Runner 1RR0.001.01 GPS watch, which features QuickGPSFix technology for precise monitoring and an extra-large display for clear readouts.Click to See Price

TomTom Runner 1RR0.001.01 Specs

  • TomTom Runner GPS Watch
  • USB cable
  • Owner’s manual

TomTom Runner 1RR0.001.01 Features

Measures speed, distance and elapsed time
To help you track a variety of metrics while running.

QuickGPSFix technology
Rapidly determines your location and provides reliable, accurate location information.

Bluetooth technology
Allows you to wirelessly sync the watch to your Apple® iPhone® 4S or later. MySports mobile app lets you upload and access key activity information, such as distance, time and calories.

Indoor tracker
Monitors your indoor workouts without a foot pod, even on a treadmill.

Graphical training partner
With full-screen graphics and 3 training modes helps you stay motivated.

Extra-large display
Offers an easy-to-read design. Single-button control ensures simple use.

Waterproof design
Allows you to track your swim workouts.

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