THINKWARE H100 TW-H100 Review


THINKWARE H100 TW-H100 Review

Monitor your vehicle with this THINKWARE H100 TW-H100 dash camera, which captures high-definition footage with 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 fps for crisp visuals. The thermal sensor automatically turns the camera off in hot conditions to prevent damage.Click to See Price

THINKWARE H100 TW-H100 Specs

  • THINKWARE H100 High-Definition Dash Camera
  • Power adapter, 8GB Class 4 microSD card, microSD card adapter, USB microSD card reader, adhesive windshield mount, 3M tape, 5 adhesive cable holders
  • Owner’s manual

THINKWARE H100 TW-H100 Features

Captures high-definition footage
With 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 fps to ensure crisp, detailed visuals.

GPS- and parking surveillance-ready (accessories required, not included)
To help you find your way and monitor your vehicle while it is parked.

Built-in thermal sensor
Automatically shuts off the camera in hot weather to guard against damage. Built-in 3G sensor offers enhanced performance.

Built-in voltage monitor
Helps prevent battery drain for extended operation. Super capacitor technology eliminates the need for a battery to allow safe operation during extreme weather conditions.

Memory card slot
Lets you store footage on the included 8GB Class 4 microSD card and accepts compatible cards up to 32GB.

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