Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-VZ7000ZAAXAR Review


Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-VZ7000ZAAXAR Review

Introducing a brand-new way to stay connected. Samsung Galaxy Gear keeps you updated with glance notifications, so you can keep up with calls, texts and emails.Click to See Price

Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-VZ7000ZAAXAR Specs

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch for Select Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Owner’s manual

Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-VZ7000ZAAXAR Features

Quick Glance Notifications
Receive notifications on your wrist with Galaxy Gear. Stay in the moment by keeping your phone out of sight, without missing important calls, texts, events, and more.

Smart Relay for Even Faster Access to Notifications
When a notification requires a closer look, the second you pick up your Galaxy phone, the Smart Relay feature automatically opens up that app to the exact message you’re seeing on your wrist.

Hands-Free Calls
Making calls on the move has never been easier. Now you can place calls and answer them directly from your Galaxy Gear. Galaxy Gear includes 2 built-in noise-canceling microphones and a built-in speaker for hands-free chatting.

S Voice
Use simple voice commands to place calls, compose messages, schedule an event, check the weather, and more! With access to Samsung’s robust S Voice feature right from Galaxy Gear, you’ll enjoy hands-free convenience.

Find My Device
Never lose track of your phone again. Now, if your phone gets stuck in the couch cushions, use Galaxy Gear to remotely activate sounds or vibrations for easy location. You can also use your phone to help you find the Galaxy Gear.

Auto Lock/Unlock
Senses when you’ve walked more than 5 feet away from your Galaxy phone and automatically secures your device. When you return, Gear tells your phone that it’s you and automatically unlocks — no PIN or thumbprint required.

Brilliant Display
Samsung Galaxy Gear’s 1.6″ Super AMOLED touchscreen has more pixels than most smartphones, which means you can read crisp text and enjoy vivid images right from your wrist.

The Companion With Style
Galaxy Gear is the companion device designed to make life easier without cramping your style. Its sleek design, durable body and range of colors mean you can wear it anywhere and everywhere.

Personal Touch
Use the Gear Manager app on your Galaxy phone to totally customize your experience. Change your Gear settings, customize and add new watch faces, enable or disable features, organize your apps and more.

Capture the moment right from your wrist.
Don’t miss the action pulling out your phone. With a 1.9 MP auto-focus camera embedded in the strap, snap pictures and even capture videos quickly and easily right from Gear.

Built-In Pedometer
Galaxy Gear makes it easier to get in shape. Keep track of your walking and running distance with its built-in pedometer. And with S Health, you can monitor and achieve your fitness goals right from your wrist.

Music Player
Whether Samsung Galaxy phone is in your pocket or plugged into a dock, you can seamlessly turn up the volume and change songs in an instant. Now that sounds good.

Galaxy Gear is currently compatible with these Samsung smartphones.

AT&T: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900A), Samsung Galaxy S 4 (SGH-i337), Samsung Galaxy S III (SGH-i747), Samsung Galaxy Mega (SGH-i527)

Sprint: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900), Samsung Galaxy S 4 (SPH-L720), Samsung Galaxy Note II (SPH-L900), Samsung Galaxy S III (SPH-L710)

T-Mobile: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900T), Samsung Galaxy S 4 (SGH-M919), Samsung Galaxy S III (SGH-T999/T999L)
Verizon Wireless: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900V), Samsung Galaxy S 4 (SCH-i545)

U.S. Cellular: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900RA), Samsung Galaxy S 4 (SCH-R970), Samsung Galaxy Note II (SCH-R950), Samsung Galaxy S III (SCH-R530)

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