Polar M400 90051090 Review


Polar M400 90051090 Review

Track your fitness progress with this Polar M400 90051090 GPS watch, which provides inactivity alerts to keep you moving and measures steps taken, calories burned and more. The water-resistant design helps guard against damage caused by moisture.Click to See Price

Polar M400 90051090 Specs

  • Polar M400 GPS Watch
  • Owner’s manual

Polar M400 90051090 Features

Measures speed
Plus pace, distance traveled, steps taken, altitude, time elapsed and calories burned to create a full picture of your fitness progress. Inactivity alerts notify you when it’s time to get moving.

8 sport profiles
Include running, cycling and indoor and outdoor training to accommodate a variety of needs.

Personal daily goals
Help you enhance your fitness levels. Guidance aids you in achieving your goals, and personal feedback lets you evaluate your progress.

Bluetooth interface
Allows easy wireless pairing with compatible Android and iOS devices. USB interface enables simple wireless connection to a PC or Mac.

Flow app (download required)
Provides a daily activity and explains its benefit, lets you track sleep duration and quality, provides visual graphs and route view and makes it easy to share your progress with friends and family.

Countdown and stopwatch function
Lets you time your performances.

High-contrast black-and-white display
With a design optimized for outdoor training delivers clear visuals.

Soft wristband
Offers a comfortable fit.

Water-resistant design
Allows use while swimming or exercising in the elements.

Rechargeable battery
Provides reliable operation.

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