Mitsubishi HC7900DW Review


Mitsubishi HC7900DW Review

This Mitsubishi HC7900DW 3D DLP projector features motion-vector analysis technology, which converts standard 2D images to immersive 3D for lifelike reproduction of on-screen depth. The 1920 x 1080 resolution and 150,000:1 contrast ratio ensure clarity.Click to See Price

Mitsubishi HC7900DW Specs

  • Mitsubishi 3D DLP Projector
  • Remote with 2 AA batteries
  • 5.9′ power cord, 9.8′ emitter cable, RGB signal cable
  • Lens cap, lamp replacement attachment
  • Owner’s manual

Mitsubishi HC7900DW Features

DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology
Produces sharp, clear images.

Up to 1500 lumens of brightness
Deliver a high level of visibility and clear on-screen images.

150,000:1 contrast ratio (with iris closed)
Offers a high number of shades between black and white for excellent color saturation.

1920 x 1080 resolution
For crisp images with intense detail.

±15-step vertical digital keystone correction
For distortion-free images.

240W lamp in standard mode (190W in low mode)
Creates a bright display with a clear picture.

Include 2 HDMI (3D/Deep Color compatible), 1 PC, 1 RCA and 1 Serial.

Lets you operate the projector from a distance.

Mitsubishi Electric Fine 3D technology
Creates a clear 3D picture with minimal crosstalk, judder and flicker (compatible 3D glasses required, not included).

Motion-vector analysis technology
Distinguishes foreground from background for stunning 2D-to-3D conversion with natural depth.

Variable iris
Ensures optimal DLP pixel elements for quality black immersion during quick light-to-dark scene changes. Fixed iris near the DMD chip offers enhanced contrast.

ELD (extra-low dispersion) lens
With 13 lenses in 4 groups and V-lens shift minimizes chromatic aberration for a sharp picture from edge to edge.

Color management function
Allows you to adjust the hue, saturation and brightness for R (red), G (green), B (blue), C (cyan), M (magenta) and Y (yellow) for precise tuning.

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