LG 42LF5600 Review

LG 42LF5600 ReviewLG has long been known as one of the most reputable and reliable electronics brand, having produced literally dozens of HDTVs over time. The LG 42LF5600 is one of the company’s most appreciated models, and also one of the best-rated products of its kind, having been equipped with a wide range of features that make it perfect for anything from watching TV to streaming movies, gaming, or enjoying a truly cinematographic experience. Sporting a sleek 42-inch screen with a whopping 1080p Full HD resolution, this LG HDTV will be your best deal in more than one way.

The LG 42LF5600 review below will teach you more about the performance of this impressive HDTV.

Features and Specifications

• 42-inch screen
• 1920 x 1080 (1080p) full HD resolution
• 60Hz refresh rate
• Available inputs: 2 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 component, 1 composite, 1 RF (Antenna/Cable), 1 digital audio out
• Energy Star qualified
• Dimensions: 37.8 x 22.3 x 2.2 inches


Although it lacks 3D features, the LG 42LF5600 HDTV comes with an impressive screen of 42 inches that offers sharp, bright, and very clear image for a superior viewing experience. Thanks to its 1080 progressive lines of resolution, this HDTV provides very fine lines and excellent clarity, not to mention a native refresh rate of 60Hz that reduces motion blur significantly and ensures you of excellent frame rate.

The sound of the LG 42LF5600 is quite all right due to its built-in speakers, but it might become slightly weird if you turn up volume higher. As such, you may want to get one of LG’s incredible soundbars to complement the naturally-beautiful image of this HDTV, and also to make the most of your experience.


From the first moment you turn it on, the 42LF5600 by LG will certainly impress through its slim profile and simplistic design, measuring at 37.8 x 22.3 x 2.2 inches. The LED’s very small diodes are evenly distributed behind the screen, which offers superior lighting, brighter image, and consistent colors with good contrast ratio. The 1080p screen resolution is nothing short of spectacular, as it offers outstanding quality, clarity and sharpness, which is a huge plus if you’re looking for a HDTV with amazing performance.

The 60 Hz refresh rate motion enhancement technology allows you to comfortably watch fast-speed media like action movies, as there seems to be very little to no motion blur. Although sound is pretty decent, the LG 42LF5600 might not be quite the best choice if you want a model that can deliver outstanding audio. Using an LG soundbar might help improve sound quality, especially if you like turning on the volume higher, or if you want to connect the TV to your laptop through one of the HDMI inputs.

There are not any smart features included with the 42LF5600 by LG, but this doesn’t make it less capacitive. Thanks to the remote controller it comes with, users can easily access TV settings and make the adjustments needed to obtain the best performance. Furthermore, the USB port allows you to connect other devices to the TV, such as your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player for easy audio or movie streaming.

What’s more, the LG 42LF5600 is Energy Star certified, which means that it won’t consume as much energy as some other fancier HDTV models. This will be great news for those who are looking for a unit that can save them money without compromising the functionality of a HDTV.

Final Thoughts

Even though sound quality isn’t as bright as you would expect from such as technologically-advanced TV, the LG 42LF5600 remains a solid purchase if you want to upgrade your current TV. Priced at $399.99, this model is infinitely cheaper than high-end units produced by larger companies, but this doesn’t actually make it less spectacular.