HP 110-020 Review

HP 110-020 Review

Enjoy the competitive power and familiar, essential features you need for daily tasks like email and social networking, homework and personal finances, or casual Web browsing and online shopping. Take on a modern HP 110-020 desktop PC that matches your lifestyle with smart affordability and performance. Read Review

IntelĀ® CeleronĀ® processor

Windows 8 or other operating systems available

Approachable design

The HP 110-020 blends in elegantly with its surroundings thanks to a simple, modern design that fits neatly into just about any space.

Essentials you can rely on

Get technology you can rely on for everyday computing. From completing projects to listening to music, depend on tools that make it easy.

Value built right in

Feel good about your purchase with a brand you trust. The HP 110-020 is the smart choice when you want to spend less and accomplish more.

Internet access required, and not included.

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