How To Fix Youtube Adobe Flash Player Crash?

YouTube is arguably the best one stop shop for all your entertainment needs be it music, movies and how-to videos. Tones and tones of people visit it daily. The driving force behind Its success is the plugin that it uses to deliver the content. However, there have been many instances of the plugin crashing especially Firefox users.

How to Fix YouTube Adobe Flash Player Crash

Method 1 : Update Adobe Flash Player

As expected, updating your Adobe Flash Player plugin to the latest version will not only enable it function properly but also have fewer crashes in respect to your YouTube experience. This will help fix any security threats and loopholes in the player.

Step 1: Visit the official Adobe website page, navigate to the download section and download the latest Adobe Flash Player installer.

Step 2: Close Firefox browser and double click on the Adobe Flash Player to install it.

Run Firefox browser once the installation is complete and confirm whether the plugin still crashes when you try to load a video on YouTube. In the event that this fails to solve that problem, consider these other methods.

Method 2: Disable Real Player Record Plugin

The romance between Real Player functionally and Flash Player 11.3 is usually a heart breaking one. Users usually experience issues such as YouTube unable to load Flash content accompanied by error messages. In order to allow them to co-exist in harmony, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: First start the Real Player

Step 2: Once it is open, on the top left side of the program, click on the Real Player icon and click on ‘Preferences

Step 3: Locate the ‘Download and Recording‘ from the left side menu and deselect the ‘Enable Web Download and Recording for These Installed Browsers Option‘ and click OK.

Step 4: Restart Firefox

Method 3: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Rather than do it by its self, Adobe Flash Player can utilize your computers video or graphics card to reproduce high quality images faster than it can on its own. The drawback with this is that chances are that there might be compatibility issues with machines running older hardware and drivers. For a better experience on YouTube, always ensure that you your drivers are up to date and if they are and the plugin still crashes, try the following.

Alternative A:

Step 1: Visit Adobe Flash Player help page.

Step 2: On the Flash Logo icon that appears, right click on it and click on settings on the side menu that appears.

Step 3: On the Display tab, deselect ‘Enable Hardware Acceleration’.

Alternative B (Firefox):

Step 1: Click on the icon on the top left side of Firefox and navigate to Options > Options > Advanced and deselect “Use Hardware Acceleration Where Available

Method 4: Last Option

As a measure to enhance security features in Firefox 4.0 and above, Adobe Flash Player introduced a concept labeled “Protected Mode“. However, it is one of the reasons why adobe flash crashes when one is on YouTube. To go round this problem is one has to temporarily block this mode manually. To do this, first locate the mms.cfg file .

Step 1: Go to

Windows 32 bit: C:\Windows\system32macromed\flash
Windows 64 bit: C:\Windows\syswow64macromed\flash

Step 2: Locate the mms.cfg file and open using a text editor such as notepad and add the following line


To re-enable the file, just remove the line of code and save.

* This method is highly note recommended

Finally, consider re-installing an older version of the Adobe Flash Plugin that worked for you earlier without any hustle.