Escort Passport 0100018-1 Review


Escort Passport 0100018-1 Review

With multiple high-precision sensors, this Escort Passport 0100018-1 detector offers defense against most radar and laser detection methods, including SuperWide Ka-band and instant-on encounters. The OLED display offers a clear view of information.Click to See Price

Escort Passport 0100018-1 Specs

  • Escort Passport Radar and Laser Detector
  • Quick-release windshield mount, coiled SmartCord, travel case
  • Owner’s manual

Escort Passport 0100018-1 Features

Compatible with most cars, motorcycles and noncommercial trucks
For wide-ranging use.

Detects radar and laser signals
Including SuperWide Ka-band and instant-on encounters.

3 high-resolution meter modes
Include standard bar graph, ExpertMeter and SpecDisplay to accommodate your viewing preferences.

Multicolor OLED display
Allows you to view signal strength, alert type and a variety of user-selectable options. Adjustable brightness levels, display color and full-dark mode ensure clear viewing.

AutoSensitivity mode
Intelligently identifies legitimate threats to minimize false alarms.

Mute and AutoMute modes
Reduce alert volume during long encounters.

Bluetooth interface
Allows simple connection to a compatible wireless device, so you can receive user-generated reports on police activity, real-time speed check data, changing speed limits and more (app download required).

Quick-release windshield mount
For simple, secure placement.

Included case
Protects your radar detector during storage.

Radar detectors are not available for purchase in Washington D.C. or Virginia.

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