Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-6818BLK Review

Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-6818BLK Review

The Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-6818BLK hits the sweet spot between mobile entertainment and desktop-level productivity, giving you the best of both worlds in a lightweight and portable design. It weighs only five pounds and can be easily transported around the house—even by a child—for watching movies in the living room, playing games with the family, viewing recipes in the kitchen, or creating professional presentations in the home office. Read Review

The Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-6818BLK features an aluminum back finish with a soft grip that makes it easy to grab and carry. Its flexible design lets you use it in a variety of ways for the most comfortable viewing angle: on the powered stand for upright viewing or on any flat surface using the built-in flip-out feet. Lay it flat for sharing or hold it on your lap for reading and browsing.

Included with this PC are a powered stand, wireless keyboard with 10-key number pad, and wireless mouse.

The 18.4-inch Full HD touchscreen has plenty of space for streaming movies or sharing photos. And when it’s time to get down to business, the extra-large screen lets you leave the projector behind.

Built-in flip-out feet extend to keep the Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-6818BLK upright, making it a snap to set up anywhere at a comfortable angle for playing games, doing homework, or watching your shows the way you want.

A third-generation Intel Core i7 processor delivers faster system performance, uses less power, and enables sharper graphics.

Spend more time away from the outlet with battery life that gives you up to four hours of unplugged computing.

At just five pounds, the Dell XPS 18 XPSo18-6818BLK is built for travel. Carry it around with handy soft grips or get comfortable with it in your lap.

Windows 8 lets you easily switch between apps, zoom to the stuff you want, rearrange tiles, and so much more.

With Windows, you can watch movies or play games with Xbox, Skype with friends, get work done with Office, access files anywhere with SkyDrive, or find your next favorite app in the Windows Store. And you can get to it all from the new Start screen, even your familiar desktop. All Windows 8 PCs will be updated to Windows 8.1 for free.

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