Dell XPS 12 XPSU12-4668CRBFB Review

Dell XPS 12 XPSU12-4668CRBFB ReviewUltrabook or tablet? How about both? With its flexible flip-hinge design, the Dell XPS 12 XPSU12-4668CRBFB lets you transition from a high-performance laptop to a fully connected and media-savvy tablet. The 12.5-inch Full HD display delivers bright and clear images while also bringing the touch-enabled features of Windows 8 to life with just the touch of your fingers. Read Review

Get over eight hours* of unplugged computing, perfect for a full day in the office or a cross-country flight.

The Dell XPS 12 XPSU12-4668CRBFB’s screen is made of ultra-tough Corning Gorilla Glass, which lends extra durability while also keeping the weight down.

Fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor delivers faster system performance, uses less power, and enables sharper graphics.

A low weight of less than 3.5 pounds and slim profile that’s under an inch thick make this PC a breeze to take with you wherever you go.

With a 128 GB solid state drive, you get ultra-fast startup and shut down times, as well as quick access to your frequently used programs and files.

Windows 8 lets you easily switch between apps, zoom to the stuff you want, rearrange tiles, and so much more.

With Windows, you can watch movies or play games with Xbox, Skype with friends, get work done with Office, access files anywhere with SkyDrive, or find your next favorite app in the Windows Store. And you can get to it all from the new Start screen, even your familiar desktop. All Windows 8 PCs will be updated to Windows 8.1 for free.

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