Dell Inspiron 11 i3137-3750sLV Review

Dell Inspiron 11 i3137-3750sLV ReviewWhether you’re toting a backpack across campus or travelling cross-country, the Dell Inspiron 11 i3137-3750sLV makes a reliable, ultraportable choice when you’re out and about. It’s incredibly slim and lightweight so it won’t slow you down, and it delivers over eight hours of battery life to make it perfect for on-the-move entertainment and productivity. The Inspiron 11 also features an 11.6-inch, 10-point capacitive touch display with noise-cancelling, dual-array microphones to make web chats amazingly clear—even in public spaces. Read Review

Powered by an Intel Celeron processor and 2 GB of memory for smooth and quick computing, the Inspiron 11 is geared for everyday tasks or multimedia entertainment.

At well under and inch thick and weighing just over three pounds, the Dell Inspiron 11 i3137-3750sLV is so slim and light, you’ll check twice to make sure it’s in your bag.

A built-in media card reader quickly imports files from your camera, while USB 3.0 lets you move data quickly to other devices. And with HDMI, you can watch movies on your HDTV.

A strong composite frame, sturdy keyboard, and large palmrest make the Inspiron 11 both comfortable and durable.

From locker rooms to locked cars, Inspiron laptops are tested for survival in harsh short-term heat conditions of up to 65°C/149°F.

Windows 8 lets you easily switch between apps, zoom to the stuff you want, rearrange tiles, and so much more.

With Windows, you can watch movies or play games with Xbox, Skype with friends, get work done with Office, access files anywhere with SkyDrive, or find your next favorite app in the Windows Store. And you can get to it all from the new Start screen, even your familiar desktop. All Windows 8 PCs will be updated to Windows 8.1 for free.

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