CompuStar CD-3200 Review


CompuStar CD-3200 Review

Easily record audio and video from the front and rear of your vehicle with this CompuStar CD-3200 dual dash-mount camera kit that features a built-in motion sensor that begins recording automatically when detecting impact.Click to See Price

CompuStar CD-3200 Specs

  • CD-FC3200 camera (front) and CD-RC3200 camera (rear)
  • CD-HRN-RC23 harness and CD-HRN-PWR harness
  • CD-16GB microSD card
  • Owner’s manual

CompuStar CD-3200 Features

Compatible with most vehicles
For versatile availability.

High-definition 720p dual-camera kit
Uses front and rear cameras and a built-in microphone to easily capture video and audio.

Hardwire connections
Offer continuous recording, even when the vehicle is parked.

Built-in motion sensor
Along with additional secure parking features detect activity within 20′ radius and direct impact to automatically begin recording.

16GB microSD card
Lets you easily store your video and audio. Upgradable to 32GB.

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