Best 2014 HDTV Under $800

At budgets of below $1000, not many HDTVs offer a full range of features that turn modern televisions into portals to the broad and immersive entertainment world. Nevertheless, Toshiba’s 50L7300U 50-inch screen HDTV offers its users connectivity capabilities to personal computers and the Internet right out of the box. On many levels, this television set is without doubt the best you can get with an 800-dollar budget.

Description and Features

Best 2014 HDTV Under $800

The 50-inch LED HDTV comes with a wireless keyboard, which has a built-in touch pad. The screen offers a 1080p resolution and a high 240 Hz refresh rate. As a smart TV, the set offers numerous connectivity options including in-built WiFi for online access to multimedia and HDMI ports for connection to computers and gaming consoles. Also, the TV features an illuminated remote control which runs on 2 AAA batteries.


The ultra-slim LED HDTV offers high quality pictures with vibrant colors and sharp contrast. Additionally, the television is outfitted with Toshiba’s CQ Engine, which helps the TV display Cinema quality images. Also important is the fact that the television’s 50-inch screen has a 1080p full HD resolution, which is the best resolution HD televisions have to offer. On the other hand, a 240 Hz refresh rate means that the television offers a high quality of motion display for viewing highly rapid action in sports and movies. The native audio capabilities of this television are also well-suited to meet the sound quality expectations of the entertainment options it offers.

In addition, the Smart TV features in-built WiFi and four HDMI ports. The TV clearly offers you the opportunity to enjoy all the entertainment rewards that a Smart TV has to offer. The Internet connectivity options mean that you can enjoy streaming multimedia such as movies and music, while also allowing you to interact with friends and family.

The television offers several customization features including ability to detach the stand for those who wish to mount the television on a wall. Additionally, Toshiba provides the TV together with a wireless keyboard with a built-in touch pad. This ensures a better application of the television as a means to connect to other available entertainment options such as the Internet and HDMI.


For a television that prides itself on its connectivity abilities as a smart TV, the set offers users a hard time when setting up the wireless connection. Part of the problem is lack of clear instructions on the user manual. Nevertheless, being a one-time process, this should not deter you from owning this television. Additionally, the television comes with a limited number of apps.However, Toshiba promises server-based upgrades which might address this problem to some extent.

Why you should get Toshiba’s 50L7300U 50-inch HDTV

For a terrific viewing experience, Toshiba’s 50L7300U 50-inch HDTV has a lot to offer. The picture quality is outstanding and the screen can continue to deliver quality display under various viewing circumstances. The LED screen ensures a great display in all light conditions. Additionally, motion blur reduction features and high refresh rates mean that you can watch movies and gaming events at crisp-clear displays. With a budget of just $800, Toshiba’s 50L7300U is clearly the way to go.