Best 2014 HDTV Under $500

Big ticket items such as HDTVs require careful assessment of what is available on the market to inform a sound purchase decision. You also have to take into consideration your intended uses for the television. More importantly, you have to work within your budget. For a budget of $500, Sony KDL40W600B perhaps offers the best value for your money in consideration of the broad range of features packed into the pocket-friendly television. With this HDTV you can expect an impressive performance quality at a price that does not overstrain your budget.

Features and Technical Specifications in the Sony KDL40W600B

Best 2014 HDTV Under $500

Sony KDL40W600B 40-inch HDTV is available at an affordable price of just $499. The set has an LED display technology and a resolution of 1080 pixels. Additionally, the TV has a 60 Hz refresh rate. The TV also features an audio system that can support 5.1-channel output. Moreover, the TV has HDMI ports and for connection to external devices such as computers.


Out-of-the-box, this TV is going to wow you with its good quality build quality that is unusual for HDTVs this lowly priced. You would think an attempt to manufacture a low cost product would result in Sony producing a television that is a far cry from its more superior and pricier versions. Fortunately, this is not the case. The advanced technologies that make Sony HDTVs a choice for many consumers are also present in this low-priced edition. Therefore, you should not expect poor display or bad audio quality on this TV. The 40-inch TV offers excellent visual performance.

In addition to remarkable picture depth and vividness, the TV features an advanced motion flow technology that makes movement more lifelike. Viewing sports on this television is sure to impress users who spend a substantial amount of time on sports channels. The television’s high motion resolution is important in displaying sports in life-like manner that is necessary in order to minimize motion blurs and quick camera movements. All this will be apparent once you get your hands on the surprisingly light HDTV, which comes with excellent initial audio and visual settings that underpin a good viewing experience. Additionally, the television features a simple remote control that will help you navigate through the television’s super-fast menu options.


For a smart TV, this Sony TV lacks some of the key features that consumers have come to expect of their HDTVs. For instance, the television lacks in-built WiFi and does not offer VUDU. For some users, this can be a deal breaker. Additionally, despite an overall excellent build quality, the stand does not match this quality level, and noticeably lowers the TV’s aesthetic appeal. Finally, the TV lacks 3D capabilities, which have become commonplace in modern day HDTVs.

Why Sony KDL40W600B is the Best for a $500 Budget

For a modern HDTVs within this price category, Sony KDL40W600B has a lot to offer. You can expect to experience breath-taking graphic resolution on its 40-inch screen. Additionally, the television offers a smooth and uncomplicated use experience due to its high responsiveness to input and a simplified navigation menu. Additionally, the television takes into consideration modern smart television expectations and is optimized to cater to these needs through its HDMI connectivity and a super-resolution feature for high quality console gaming.