Best 2014 Gaming Desktop Under $900

The safest bet, when you need a powerful and reliable gaming computer, is to prepare yourself to pay copious sums of money. However, for those willing to do more research on what is available on the market, it is now possible to acquire a reliable desktop gaming system on a budget. As the price reduces on gaming desktop computers, so does performance as gaming computers, in a majority of the cases. However, at less than $900, you can now get a powerful gaming desktop computer that can handle modern gaming demands without a hitch.

The CyberpowerPC Stealth Ronin GXi1400 Desktop

Best 2014 Gaming Desktop Under $900

Few formidable gaming desktops come at a price of below $900, let alone a computer that can handle any gaming challenge that you can throw at it. However, at only $859, CyberpowerPC’s Stealth Ronin GXi1400A desktop can offer you a wholesome gaming experience. In addition to having a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 graphics processor, and a 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5 AMD processor, the computer also features 8 GB of RAM and a 1 TB hard drive. This array of features makes the Stealth Ronin an efficient gaming machine.


Unlike some modern gaming desktops which feature a slim design, the Stealth Ronin GXi1400A comes in full-sized chassis. If you think that big gaming desktops cannot have breathtaking designs, think again. When this machine is switched on, it comes alive in amazing colors that complement its vibrant game-themed exterior. If that does not make you feel that it’s time to play, nothing will.

Additional rewards include enough room for upgrade and customization. The need to build a computer that offers easy customization seems to have been in the manufacturer’s mind. The computer is neatly arranged on the inside and upgrades are easy to make. Nevertheless, considering the superiority of the native hardware components that come with the Stealth Ronin GXi1400, this should hardly be a concern for most buyers.

The performance of the gaming desktop has impressed many users. In addition to its quiet operation, the Stealth Ronin has beautiful graphics, which are attributable to its high quality graphics card with 2 GB dedicated memory. Furthermore, the computer does not crumble under the strain of high gaming preferences. In a number of ways, this gaming desktop will meet and exceed your expectations.


A number of buyers have complained of poor customer service offered by the company. CyberpowerPC is slow to respond to queries. Additionally, shipping can prove frustrating, particularly due to poor communication. However, the less than pleasant customer service does not conceal the fact that Stealth Ronin GXi1400 is still in a class of its own for gaming desktops within this price range.


CyberpowerPC Stealth Ronin GXi1400 is a powerful gaming desktop that is well-suited to handle hardcore gaming. The computer’s amazing speed and display quality, underpinned by a powerful CPU and a high quality graphics processor, gives the machine the power it needs to give users a smooth gaming experience. While most computers in this price range can be described as entry level gaming machines, CyberpowerPC’s Stealth Ronin is a true gaming computer. At a price of just over 800 dollars, there is virtually no other gaming desktop that can offer you better quality gaming capabilities. Buy now @ only $859.00 & FREE Shipping!