Best 2014 Gaming Desktop Under $700

It is not easy getting a good gaming desktop without forking out thousands of dollars. Experiencing games in their full glory, particularly new ones, is not assured for gamers seeking to spend less on gaming computers. Luckily, the advancements in the desktop gaming field have come up with multiple options for those who want a decent computer that does not burn a hole in their pockets. For under $700 dollars, many users have found the Avatar FX6164 Gaming Desktop a worthy gaming companion.

Best 2014 Gaming Desktop Under $700
The Avatar FX6164 Gaming Desktop

At just $679 on Amazon, the Avatar FX6164 could easily stand up to do-it-yourself gaming desktops of similar cost. This is evident by simply looking at the impressive combination of features the computer possesses. Avatar FX6164 features a 3.3 GHz Six-Core Processor, 16 GB DDR3 RAM and a 1 TB hard drive.

Equally noteworthy is the fact that the computer has a NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 graphics coprocessor, which comes from a respected line of processors in the gaming world. Additionally, the gaming desktop features a Windows 8 operating system. Clearly, the desktop boasts of the latest features expected of a gaming desktop, despite being a moderately priced product. More importantly, the quality of the features and their potency easily outdo those of pricier prebuilt gaming alternatives.


Most of the benefits the Avatar FX6164 has to offer are apparent from the raving positive reviews the desktop gets from its existing users. For instance, its high quality graphic processing and 2 GB dedicated graphics card memory translates into impressive graphics quality even at highest settings. Some more expensive alternatives have a problem attaining this standard.

In addition, the computer’s quality list of features means that you do not have to worry about going for an immediate upgrade after buying the computer, you just plug it, set it up, and start experiencing a high quality level of gaming. Nevertheless, upgrades are easy if you need them, and you do not have to worry about shutdowns or delays associated with upgrading some popular gaming desktop computers.

On the other hand, the customer service has a reputation of being very helpful on any issues arising with the computer. Consequently, you will have little to worry about in case there are problems with your shipment or you need any concerns about your computer addressed.


Many gamers would consider Avatar FX6164 a good starter computer for gaming. Therefore, if you are already a hardcore gamer, this computer may not impress you as much, particularly if you have gamed using more potent high-end gaming desktops.

Why Avatar FX6164 is the Best Gaming Desktop you can get on a $700 Budget

If you have a budget of just $700, it is practically impossible to get better value for your money on a gaming desktop. The price should not fool you either, do not expect a compromise in the quality of gaming you can experience using this desktop. Avatar FX6164 is a good gaming desktop that can handle hardcore gaming without breaking a sweat. Moreover, you should not worry about experiencing drop in performance after upgrades, although these should rarely come up. The computer already possesses many high quality hardware components. Buy now at only $679.99