VIZIO E400i-B2 Review

VIZIO E400i-B2 ReviewEven cheaper than some other high-end models, the Vizio E400i-B2 is an outstanding smart TV that has all of the features you need to get the most out of your viewing experience. With full access to Internet and some of the most popular video streaming apps, the E400i-B2 offers enhanced connectivity that crosses the border of non-smart TVs. Although a bit chunky, the design of this HDTV is streamlined and quite elegant, which makes it just perfect for customers who care about appearance. With even more zones of LED backlighting, this Vizio smart TV produces images of an amazing quality, with good light uniformity all across the screen. (more…)

VIZIO E390-B1E Review

VIZIO E390-B1E ReviewAs one of the best budget-friendly HDTV models, the Vizio E390-B1E is one of the few products to deliver incredible image clarity, picture perfect brilliance, and a good overall refresh rate performance. Despite its smaller screen of only 39 inches, the E390-B1E still stands out through the impressive full-array LED backlighting, which offers superior light uniformity and consistent colors for your entire viewing experience. Ideal for those who want to turn their rooms into mini home cinemas, the E390-B1E by Vizio will be your best deal in terms of feature richness and price convenience. (more…)