Samsung UN55F7500 Review

Samsung UN55F7500 Review

Take advantage of the awesome features that the Samsung UN55F7500 LED SmartTV can offer. Experience a Full HD viewing entertainment as this SmartTV produces stunning visuals with 1080p resolutions on its 55″ Class LED display. Click to See Price

Samsung UN55F7500 Specs

  • Samsung LED SmartTV; ensures a high-definition viewing entertainment for everyone
  • 55″ Class LED display; produces stunning visual quality with up to 1080p resolutions
  • 720 Clear Motion Rate; provides smooth and clear visual performance
  • 4x HDMI and 3x USB ports; allow you to integrate other compatible video sources and peripherals
  • 3D-Ready; guarantees realistic images

Samsung UN55F7500 Features

Its 720 Clear Motion Rate ensures smoother and clearer delivery of images, allowing you to watch movies and other videos without any image distortions. This SmartTV also offers multiple connecting ports, including 4x HDMI and 3x USB ports, which allow you to connect other compatible video sources.

It is a 3D-Ready TV so expect that your viewing entertainment will come with realistic images. Last but not the least, this SmartTV has a built-in WiFi connectivity, allowing you to access online contents with ease. Take your viewing entertainment to newer heights with the Samsung SmartTV. Purchase Samsung LED SmartTV now!

The Samsung Smart TV finds the movies and TV shows you like – and more. Speak into the mic on the Smart Touch Remote to get TV recommendations. Use gestures to swipe and navigate within the 5 Smart Hub content panels. Easily discover movies, shows, and social posts with less searching and more watching.

Our new interface organizes your entertainment and content into 5 convenient panels: On TV, Movies and TV Shows, Social, Apps, and a panel for your Photos, Videos and Music.

Speaking into the built-in microphone on the Smart Touch Remote Control plus hand gestures lets you control your TV in new and unexpected ways. Use S-Recommendation with Voice Interaction to ask your TV to find things to watch and get program suggestions.

Discover what you want to watch without surfing channels just by asking your TV. It will respond to your voice and find a selection of customized content options based on your preferences. Ask the TV for recommendations while you’re watching TV, for example “what football games are on?” Or visit the full S-Recommendation hub to find new things to watch.

The Smart Evolution Port allows you to update your Smart TV in the future. The Smart Evolution Kit* plugs into the back of your TV and updates it with new software and technology that will improve your TV performance – faster speed, more content, more features.

Explore and multitask faster with our Quad Core Processor. This extra power gives you faster web browsing, smoother interaction and allows you to switch between content even faster than before.

All the benefits of full web browsing, right on your TV. From social sites like Facebook and Twitter to news, weather, entertainment, blogs and more. Discover even more content possibilities with your Smart TV.

Enjoy all the benefits of a Universal Remote with the Smart Touch Remote Control. Use it to control multiple devices connected to your Smart TV, including the set top box, Blu-ray player and Home Entertainment System. The innovative touch pad allows for quick and intuitive navigation, while the built-in microphone provides an alternative way to control your Smart TV with your voice.

When viewing 3D content, the audio track is processed to create a three dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener.

A Clear Motion Rate of 960 is a stunning level of motion-clarity. TVs with this CMR can display actionpacked movement with superb sharpness, clarity and contrast. Clear Motion Rate was developed to accurately measure how well an LCD or LED TV can depict fast-moving images. Previously, motion-clarity was calculated by the frame refresh rate alone. But CMR offers a more complete measure by calculating 3 factors: frame refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology.

Enjoy stunning Full HD 1080p in both 2D and 3D modes. With Samsung’s 3D converter, turn 2D viewing into 3D for an amazing cinematic experience.

With WiFi built right into the TV, no additional equipment is needed to connect with an existing wireless router in your home network and start browsing the web, accessing Samsung Apps or other Smart TV features*.

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