How To Fix Nba 2k13 Freeze On PS3?

A number of users have noticed that NBA 2K13 freezes during the game, rendering them unable to play. The freeze is most common at the load screen and can cause a number of issues with custom shoes and game roasters. 2K Support have noticed the problem and have suggested a way to fix the game from freezing by following a few simple steps. If you would like to stop your game freezing, then follow the instructions on this page.

1. How to fix NBA 2K13 freeze on PS3

If NBA 2K13 is freezing on your PS3, you should reboot your PS3 and then sign up back into the game. Once you have signed back into the game, you should be prompted to download the most recently updated files onto your system. If traffic is high, the download may take a little longer than usual but should fix the problem within a few minutes.

You may want to do a System Backup and back up your saved games before you do a reboot on the PS3, although in most cases this won’t be necessary. To reboot, turn the PS3 off and remove anything connected to the USB ports. Hold down the Power Button on the console for around ten seconds. The system should turn back on and settings should be restored. Try the game again and see if the problem has been resolved. In the majority of cases, this step would have worked.

2. How to fix NBA 2K13 freeze if a reboot doesn’t work

If the game continues to freeze and Step 1 was not successful, this may indicate a “reading error” in the lens mechanism of the PS3. Ensure that the games console is in a well-ventilated area and is regularly cleaned to stop dust from building up and affecting the system. To clean the PS3, disconnect the power and video cable and remove anything that has been plugged into the USB ports. Then use a duster or dry cloth to carefully clean the games console.

3. Restoring to factory settings

If you are continuing to have problems with the PS3 and need to restore the system to factory settings for whatever reason, plug in a hard drive or USB flash to the console and select Settings and then Backup on the system.

Turn the PS3 on in Safe Mode press the Power Button until the red lights switches on. Hold the Power Button for ten seconds or until you are able to hear three beeps. The power should still be off at this point. Next, hold the Power Button for a further ten seconds. This time you should be able to hear one beep, followed by two quicker beeps.

Next, release the Power Button and you if you are still in Safe Mode, you should get a message which reads “Connect the controller using a USB“. You will now have to connect the controller to the console and select Restore PS3 System from the Safe Mode menu. Select this option to restore the console to its original factory settings. This process could take several hours while the system reformats itself.