Dell Alienware 14 14-5312sLV Review

Dell Alienware 14 14-5312sLV ReviewThe all-new Dell Alienware 14 14-5312sLV is compact, powerful, and designed for more intense gaming anywhere you set up. Its durable magnesium-alloy frame and anodized aluminum shell protect its 14-inch Full HD display and components, while an internal copper heat sink keeps your system cool inside and out so you can game for hours on end. Read Review

The Dell Alienware 14 14-5312sLV is also loaded the latest fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16 GB of memory for maximum performance—it’s 1.15 times faster than last year’s model, so you can dive into high-performance gaming anywhere inspiration strikes with faster loading times.

NVIDIA’s 700 series graphics cards are designed specifically for gaming and pack monster performance. This is the first time a 14-inch Alienware system features 765M graphics with GDDR5—a real performance enhancer.

Take your view to the next level with rich, vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, as well as better brightness, higher contrast, and a large gamut of colors.

A fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processor delivers faster system performance, uses less power, and enables sharper graphics.

Whether you’re listening through headphones, your laptop speakers, or your home theater setup, Klipsch audio delivers a captivating listening experience that your games and media demand.

Create custom lighting and special effects to suit your unique gaming style. AlienFX lets you apply 20 different colors to 10 different zones for up to 10,240 billion color combinations.

Windows 8 lets you easily switch between apps, zoom to the stuff you want, rearrange tiles, and so much more.

With Windows, you can watch movies or play games with Xbox, Skype with friends, get work done with Office, access files anywhere with SkyDrive, or find your next favorite app in the Windows Store. And you can get to it all from the new Start screen, even your familiar desktop. All Windows 8 PCs will be updated to Windows 8.1 for free.

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