Best 2014 HDTV Under $700

Getting a great HDTV with a budget of just $700 is not easy. However, a quick survey of what the market has to offer leads to the conclusion that VIZIO’s E470i-A0 is worth serious consideration for buyers seeking to own a good HDTV within this price range.

Description and Features

Best 2014 HDTV Under $700

The VIZIO E470i-A0 47-inch HDTV features an innovative slim frame design that is characteristic of VIZIO’s E series HDTVs. The TV’s LED screen offers a resolution of 1080p full HD at 120 Hz refresh rate. Moreover, the HDTV comes with in-built WiFi and Internet Apps, which are aimed at helping users link to the vast world of online multimedia streaming. Also notable is the fact that this is a Smart TV, which makes it a well-rounded modern HDTV. Additional features include compliance with Energy Star standard and a weight of 33.1 pounds.


VIZIO’s E470i comes with enough features to enable users to explore the entertainment universe uninhibited. The Internet connectivity options packed into this entertainment unit mean that you can enjoy multimedia in all its glory. Additionally, the television features 4 HDMI ports which make this computer a favorite among users seeking a high quality budget HDTV with plenty of connectivity options for consoles and computers. It is also a relief to know that the television comes with Netflix among other critical applications for a more immersive HDTV experience.

E470i features a notable noise-reduction feature, which translates into a smoother viewing experience. The noise reduction means that you can enjoy high quality pictures for an all-encompassing viewing experience. Additionally, the 120 Hz refresh rate means that the pictures are displayed smoothly. Sports enthusiasts are certain to benefit immensely from this combination of features considering their rapid action typical of sporting activities.

Gamers will certainly find this HDTV a delight. With four HDMI ports, the television offers adequate connectivity options for a decent multi-user gaming experience. Still, film lovers won’t be left behind as the screen’s crystal-clear display and high resolution ensure that the visuals are rendered in an amazing quality that guarantees an invigorating movie-watching experience. Additionally, the television’s native sound capabilities are good enough to offer a decent audio output without the need for more potent external audio enhancements.

E470i’s design offers numerous aesthetic benefits to consumers. The screen is intelligently designed to account for most of the visible space. Furthermore, a 47-inch screen is quite large for a television of this cost.


Despite the great array of features, this HDTV fails to offer some obvious conveniences expected of modern HDTVs. For instance, the remote control has small buttons and does not offer lighted buttons, which makes its effective use an issue with most users. Additionally, firmware updates usually result in removal of painstakingly configured user settings. Furthermore, the HDTV does not offer channel favorites, which would make flipping through the favored channel list much easier.

Why VIZIO’s E470i-A0 is the Best HDTV you can get for $700

When you consider all the features that make an HDTV great, E470i will undoubtedly make the cut. The television features a sleek design, excellent graphics capabilities, and a broad range of connectivity options. Gamers, sports fans, and movie enthusiasts will find this television a worthwhile purchase. For only $639, this HDTV is an incredible bargain.