Best 2014 HDTV Under $600

A budget of less than $600 is quite limiting for somebody wishing to acquire a high-quality mega-sized HDTV. Given the broad range of options available on the market at this price, a careful deliberation is necessary to ensure you get good value for your money. For this budget, LG Electronic’s 50PN6500 50-inch plasma HDTV is, in many ways, a perfect option.

Description and Features

Best 2014 HDTV Under $600

LG’s 50PN6500 50-inch plasma HDTV offers a resolution of 1080p and a maximum refresh rate of 600 Hz. Additionally, the television features 2 HDMI ports and a single USB port. The 57.5-pound TV is also outfitted with Smart Energy Saving and Intelligent Sensor. Notable omissions include the lack of a Dual Core Processor, LG Smart TV feature and active 3D.


With a 600 Hz refresh rate, a 50-inch plasma screen, and a 1080p resolution, this HDTV offers high quality entertainment through vivid life-like pictures. The especially high refresh rate of 600 Hz, which is ten times what some televisions have to offer, ensures that no blurs are experienced in the viewing experience. Therefore, if you are a fan of high action sporting events, this television will offer you an unforgettable viewing experience.

The calibration options on the screen are configured to offer an intuitive and easy customization experience. While most TVs only present the user with a list of options for color adjustment, this television goes an extra mile to offer visual guidance on the settings you are trying to configure. This eliminates the need for a tiring trial and error process that is characteristic of most HDTVs. Moreover, the television is ISFccc ready, which means that it has preconfigured settings for best viewing quality in various lighting conditions.

You will also be impressed by this television’s audio quality. It is highly likely that you won’t have to hook the TV to external speakers to meet your audio quality requirements. This aspect is clearly well-designed to match its amazing display quality. Additional benefits of owning this television include its power saving feature, which is guaranteed by its fulfillment of the Energy Star specification and connectivity options.


Despite having advanced features that make it a delight to watch, the 50PN6500 is not a Smart TV and does not have 3D abilities. Also, the television does not come with WiFi, and with just 2 HDMI ports, the television is not particularly friendly to gamers. For some users, this HDTV may just be too low on features. Nevertheless, with the visual quality this television offers, any gaming will be stunning and enchanting in its visual rendering. Another notable setback is that the TV’s matte screen is especially prone to glares, so if you intend to use it in an area that is exposed to outside light, you might not experience the picture quality this HDTV stands to offer.

Why you should buy LG’s 50PN6500

LG’s 50PN6500 HDTV offers mesmerizing picture quality, which is the whole point of having an HDTV in the first place. The extra high refresh rate makes a significant difference in the picture quality that the television can deliver. More important, other aspects such as audio output and varied connectivity options make this television every bit worth its $599 price tag.