Best 2014 HDTV Under $1000

HDTVs differ in screen sizes from 32 inches to over 100 inches. The differences in brands are equally broad. Furthermore, the prices increase these differences further, with some HDTVs costing less than 400 USD while others cost several thousand dollars. When you start considering the combination of features present in each TV, the right choice becomes less apparent and downright bewildering. Frankly, your choice of the right HDTV in consideration of your spending limits is not going to be a straightforward choice. A rigorous process is involved in establishing which HDTV towers above the rest in quality and performance within its price range. That’s how Sharp’s 60-inch LED HDTV, LC-60LE650U, came to top the list of the best HDTV you can get for under $1000.

Description and Features

Best 2014 HDTV Under $1000

Sharp’s LC-60LE650U HDTV has a 60-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p. The refresh rate on this unit is 120 Hz for its LED technology screen. Physically, the television features a slim design and a thin bezel. Additionally, the television features a noise-reduction feature, a child lock feature, and a sleep timer. However, the unit offers neither Smart TV feature nor an active 3D feature. Connectivity options include 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB port. The television is available for just $999 from some of Sharp’s authorized dealers.


This television features a number of innovative display technologies that make it a desired choice for most HDTV shoppers working within a limited budget. For instance, the Aquos 1080p LED screen features photo-alignment technology that is meant to improve the contrast ratio of the television. In general, LED screens do not offer very high contrasts, which results in dark areas not being dark enough. Understandably, this results in an overall poor quality display. This technological innovation is therefore a welcome relief for people concerned with an LED screen’s contrast range. On the other hand, a 120 Hz display ensures that images are clear even for quick action visuals.

Additional benefits of owning this HDTV include its ability to automatically adjust brightness of the screen to suit that of the surroundings. This ensures that you do not have to keep configuring the display settings. Moreover, you can have better power efficiency as low light conditions will result in lower power consumption. The television’s overall slim profile means that you have more options with regard to where you can place the television.


This HDTV is based on an LED-Edge Lit backlight source, which offers poor viewing quality at slanted angles. Additionally, the HDTV lacks the Smart TV feature and active 3D, which are present in lower-priced versions such as VIZIO’s 499-dollar E470i-A0 HDTV. Also, despite enhanced contrast abilities in its LED screen technology, the TV may not offer the contrast features necessary to display eye-popping detail when watching movies.

Why Sharp’s LE650 HDTV is the best with a $1000 budget limit

The LC-60LE650U comes with all the tidings that make an HDTV a proud possession for most people. Sharp has gone an extra mile to overcome the display limitations that LED screen technology offers by offering a high refresh rate and a photo-alignment technology that minimizes the screen’s blur for quality fast-paced visuals. For those seeking a high quality television on a limited budget without minding the absence of the Smart TV feature, the LC-60LE650U is a terrific choice.