Best 2014 Gaming Laptop Under $700

A top-rated gaming laptop requires a considerable financial investment, usually running into a few thousand dollars. However, a gaming laptop, even of the most basic type, is outfitted with powerful hardware components that are certain to put generic laptops of the same cadre to shame. Therefore, even with a tight budget of $700, you can be sure that the gaming laptop you can afford will offer you the computing edge you need to enjoy your gaming experience. Still, choosing the right laptop can be challenging, and a little guidance can go a long way in helping you find the best of what the market has to offer without violating your budget constraints.

MSI CX61 2PC-499US

Best 2014 Gaming Laptop Under $700

The CX61 spots an Intel Core i5-4200M 2.5 GHz processor and 8 GBs DDR3L RAM. Additionally, the computer comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GT820M graphics processor with 2 GB RAM. The laptop’s 5400 rpm hard drive has a capacity of 750 GB. The 8.1-pound laptop also features a 1388×768-pixel screen. Other additional features include 3 USB ports, and an optical drive. The 15.6-inch, sleekly designed MSI gaming laptop is available for just$699.


MSI is one of the gaming computer brands that rule the gaming world. That reputation, in addition to a potent list of features makes the CX61 a solid choice for gamers seeking to possess a gaming computer within a limited budget.

The CX61 boasts of incredible gaming power for a laptop this lowly priced. The machine features a powerful graphics processor and a central processor that offers the appropriate speed for the highly demanding gaming tasks. For most games, the computer offers silk smooth graphics rendered by the powerful NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. Therefore, you can expect to enjoy a broad range of games without experiencing a second-rate visual quality.


As with all low-budget gaming laptops, MS CX61 will soon display its limitations when exposed to hardcore gaming. While the computer will play several games perfectly at high settings, some of the modern resource-intensive next-gen games will prove to be too much for the laptop given its resource limitations. Consequently, you should be prepared to experience lower frame rates with games that require high graphics processing performance. This is the only notable setback to owning this otherwise efficient, yet highly affordable, gaming machine.

Why MSI CX61 is the best gaming laptop for under $700

Giant leaps in graphics technology have resulted in passable gaming laptop performance even at low prices. Evidence of this fact is apparent in the improved quality of gaming you can have even from a low budget gaming laptop. For less than $700, CX61 offers an immersive gaming experience that will parallel that of more pricey alternatives on some levels. Factors that are critical to a good gaming laptop – processing speed, graphics rendering, storage space, and quality display – all speak of this laptop’s genuine gaming ability. Without a doubt, you will be content to own MSI’s CX61 2PC. You should also find comfort in the fact that for a budget of less than $700, this laptop is the best you can get if you are hell bent on owning a good gaming laptop.