Best 2014 Gaming Laptop Under $500

Budget gaming is steadily gaining steam. Some gamers, especially entry level gamers, are uncomfortable with the prohibitive prices of high-end gaming laptops. Nevertheless, they also want own laptops that offer distinctive gaming benefits, which explains why there are many gaming laptops in the market for less than $500. Below is a review of what is arguably the best gaming laptop you can get for less than $500.

Toshiba Satellite C75D-A7130

Best 2014 Gaming Laptop Under $500

The $499, 17.3-inch gaming laptop comes with a quad-core A6-5200M 2.0 GHz AMD processor. The laptop also has 6 GB RAM and 750 GB, 5400 rpm, hard drive memory. The 17.3-inch screen offers a maximum resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels. Moreover, the Satellite C75D features an AMD Radeon HD 8400 graphics coprocessor. Other notable aspects include a 5.5-hour Lithium ion battery and an optical drive. Furthermore, the laptop comes with a genuine Windows 8 platform.


Toshiba is a notable player in the budget gaming laptops field. Many users have had satisfying experience with Toshiba gaming laptops, which, though reliable, offer an undeniable value proposition. The intricate balance between the laptop’s processing power, graphics processing, and display quality ensure that an overall impressive performance is present in the Satellite C75D. Gripes, if any, are likely to be as a result of the Windows 8 operating system, which can be easily replaced with Windows 7.

Toshiba Satellite C75D offers a screen resolution that allows you to have a great gaming experience despite the low cost. The TruBrite widescreen display will offer a great visual experience more characteristic of expensive gaming laptops. You should note that for a laptop of this screen size, the 5.5-hour battery life is quite impressive, as many higher-priced alternatives with lower screen sizes have a significantly shorter battery life.

Moreover, you will enjoy the versatility that comes with this great laptop. The substantial storage space means you can store plenty of games and other entertainment content. For instance, the laptop has good stereo sound quality to go with its clear display. Furthermore, the use of Windows 8 will definitely improve the ease of use considering the fluid configuration that is typical of the Windows 8 platform. Also worth noting is the fact that the laptop features a great exterior design that clearly gives the computer a vibrant gaming feel.


Generally, on a 500-dollar budget, you cannot expect to enjoy heavy gaming at very good quality. With the low cost, you also get lower hardware capabilities. A combination of low-quality hardware culminates in across-the-board limitations in C75D’s gaming strength. Consequently, although you can expect a fulfilling gaming experienced on light games with the Toshiba Satellite C75D, resource-intensive versions are sure to give you a less than satisfying gaming experience.

Why Toshiba Satellite C75D is your best option for under $500

The super-sized budget gaming laptop, the Satellite C75D, features a reasonable combination of features to make it the best gaming machine you can own with a 500-dollar price limit. While you might not play all games on C75D, you can still play enjoy your games without burning a hole in your pocket. With the Satellite C75D, your value for money is definitely assured, especially in consideration of the game-friendly hardware combination that this laptop offers.