Best 2014 Gaming Desktop Under $800

Anybody hoping for a satisfying experience in computer gaming knows that the best computers come at a price. Getting an effective gaming desktop computer on a limited budget is not easy. Many brands cross into making second-rate products in an attempt to make gaming computers more affordable. Nevertheless, with the growing need to create mass appeal for gaming computers, some of the top brands in the field have managed to create moderately priced gaming desktops that still offer the performance is distinctive of gaming computers.

Alienware AX51-2146BK
Alienware AX51-2146BK
Firstly, coming from a revered brand in gaming, Alienware AX51-2146BK promises to offer one of the best performances in gaming for its price range. Available for as low from Amazon for only $719, the desktop is without a doubt one of the top contenders in the desktop gaming world.

Alienware AX51 Features

Feature-wise, AX51-2146BK is built with some of the best components for the highly demanding task of gaming. The computer has a 4GB memory, which is expandable to 8GB, a Core i3-2120 CPU, and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 545 graphics processor, which is well-recognized for its superiority to say, AMD processors. Additionally, the computer also has a 1TB, 7200-rpm, hard drive.

On the other hand, the computer runs 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. Furthermore, the computer features an optical drive. Another notable aspect of this Alienware computer is its compact size, an innovation in the world of gaming where desktops have typically been noticeably large. Additional features on the AX51 include 2.0 USB 3.0 and 6 USD 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, and an 802.11BGN wireless connection.

What to Expect in the Package

The purchase package includes the desktop, a power cord, a multimedia keyboard, an optical mouse, Alienware Command Center software among other software and a user’s manual.


Alienware AX51 features a compact and yet stylish look, and without compromising on performance desired by most gamers. Additionally, for a brand that is highly respected in the world of gaming, such as well-performing desktop is undoubtedly very pocket-friendly.

Despite having a small size, which some gamers could view as an obstacle to upgrades through additional or alternative hardware, the desktop can still accommodate a full-size graphics card. Consequently, the stylish small size does not represent a matching compromise in gaming capability.

Additional benefits include a noiseless operation and the robustness to withstand hardcore gaming demands. Moreover, Alienware AX51 features the durability of the Alienware brand, which means the computer is quite durable.


Many gamers like to have the option to customize their desktops through upgrades for improved performance. While Alienware AX51 offers an appreciable room for expansion, the slim chassis offers limited upgrade flexibility.


Choosing an effective gaming desktop while still trying to avoid prohibitive prices is not an easy task. However, for interested buyers with a budget of about $800, the Alienware AX51-2146BK is clearly the way to go. The computer comes in a stylish design and a high performance as expected for gaming computers. The pricing and unique design used on the machine does not in any way compromise the computer’s or the brand’s reputation in gaming. Buy from Amazon.con only $719!