Best 2014 Gaming Desktop Under $600

As a gamer, you are justified in every way to be wary of a desktop computer’s gaming performance, especially when you are shopping on $600 budget. Quite often, well-meaning manufacturers try to create affordable gaming computers, which regularly fail to attain basic gaming needs, thus defeating the very purpose of such intentions. Important aspects such as graphic processing capabilities and even CPU performance may fail to provide the oomph required to run a game in a way that guarantees a satisfying gaming experience. Nevertheless, for those who know where to look, you can still get a decent gaming experience by choosing a proven low budget gaming desktop model.

Best 2014 Gaming Desktop Under $600
The AAC-X4 Desktop Computer

Manufactured by AA Computers, AAC-X4 prides itself in being wholly built in the US. This assertion is meant to hint at the computer’s superior quality, which is evidenced by several positive user reviews. Other than an impressive performance for a computer in its price range, AAC-X4 features a 3.8 GHz Quad Core Processor, an 8 GB DDR3 RM and 1TB of hard drive memory. Additionally, the computer has an effective ATI Radeon TM HD 300 graphics processor and runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit operating software.


Similar-featured gaming desktops are much pricier than AAC-X4. Right from the box, the computer offers superb performance, and not substantial upgrades are necessary to get decent performance. Furthermore, most buyers have described the company’s customer service in glowing terms, which means that any issues arising from your shipments will be addressed fast and effectively. Equally notable is the durability and reliability of the AAC-X4, even under high performance demands. Most desktops within this price range usually fall apart under intensive use. Moreover, the computer operates noiselessly.

On another account, for the money, the features with regard to RAM, processing speed and storage capacity sets this computer apart from its competition. There are numerous computers priced more expensively that do not feature such a potent combination of features, all of which are essential for a rewarding gaming experience. Hands down, the AAC-X4 offers unmatched value for your money.


For gamers seeking a desktop that offers high upgradability, the AAC-X4 may not be the best option. The computer has a small motherboard, limited cooling and a low power supply of 350W, which can make substantial upgrades a challenge, if not impossible. Also, the computer does not feature the NVIDIA GeForce video card, which is considered one of the best in the computing world, particularly in gaming.

Why AAC-X4 is the Best for a $600 Budget

On a $600 budget, it is almost impossible to find a desktop computer that is advertised purely as a gaming machine. Still, it is still possible to find a computer that offers a gaming experience that clearly sets it apart from generic computers within a similar price range. The AAC-X4 desktop computer does precisely that. For an incredible bargain of just $579, you can experience a surprisingly flawless gaming experience underpinned by a broad range of features and high quality performance. Satisfaction from several customers without a doubt establishes AAC-X4 as the best gaming desktop under $600. Buy AAC-X4 Desktop from now only $579.99