Best 2014 Gaming Desktop Under $1000

In the desktop gaming world, $1000 is often considered as the line between high quality gaming computers and entry level gaming desktops. However, a serious scrutiny of what is available on the market below this price reveals that you do not have to give up on enjoying the all-inclusive gaming experience associated with expensive desktop gaming systems when buying a gaming desktop on a budget. CybertronPC Shockwave III GM2113A gaming desktop couldn’t make a better case for this observation.

CybertronPC Shockwave III GM 2113A Desktop

Best 2014 Gaming Desktop Under $1000

At only $999 on Amazon, CybertronPC Shockwave III GM 2113A Desktop is quite literally a computer that is built for gaming. In addition to having an 8 GB DDR3 RAM, a 3.20 GHz fourth generation Intel Quad-Core Processor and a 1 TB hard drive, CybertronPC Shockwave III GM2113A also features a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 graphics processor and several expansion bays. The computer’s highly sophisticated chassis is fitted with a 600-Watt power supply, which means any significant upgrades in hardware will not be met with unexpected shutdowns due to unsustainable power demands. Additional features include a 7.1 audio channel, Gigabit LAN and a genuine 64-Bit Windows 8 operating system.


The powerful graphics processor in the Shockwave III ensures that you only experience slickest frame rates even the computer is put under the most strenuous gaming preferences. Additionally, the numerous and potent connectivity features guarantee that you enjoy the full spectrum of gaming, both offline and online.

Moreover, serious consideration of the need for customization and upgradability by the manufacturer, evidenced by numerous expansion slots and bays, ensures that you will not be stuck with the native hardware against your will. Therefore, you are not likely to encounter crushes, delayed response time when you decide to customize this computer. In general, you should not expect a drop in user experience once you have changed some of the hardware components, as is sometimes the case with some desktop gaming computers when exposed to substantial hardware customization.

The computer also comes with free lifetime technical support in addition to a year’s warranty of parts and labor. In a way, this means you do not have to worry about expensive maintenance costs as a result of occasional problems during the computer’s life. More importantly, this speaks of the confidence CybertronPC have in the Shockwave III GM 2113A desktop, which should give you the assurance you need to spend on the powerful gaming computer.


Other than isolated cases of customers experiencing a frustrating experience with the company’s customer support, most people are satisfied with the computer’s performance, particularly considering its attractive price.

Why CybertronPC Shockwave III is the Best Gaming Desktop under $1000

If you wish to own a prebuilt gaming desktop that matches the performance of DIY gaming desktops without spending more than $1000, CybertronPC Shockwave III GM 2113A is definitely the way to go. The computer is equipped with powerful features that reduce the need for serious upgrades. Still, should you decide to take that path, the manufacturer has already ensured that it will be a smooth journey since the computer offers several expansion slots and a chassis that does not inhibit hardware changes. Without a doubt, CybertronPC Shockwave III is a great gaming desktop, available at an irresistible price. Buy now at for $999.99 & FREE Shipping!